Research Committees

RC15 Sociology of Health


Research into the sociology of health and illness is the primary objective of RC 15. It supports individual scholars, institutions, and associations that are concerned with such research. It promotes information exchange and scientific meetings at regional, national, and international levels. It encourages the generation of sociological knowledge that enables health professional administrators, officials, and planners to improve the delivery of health services in the domains of prevention, management, cure, and rehabilitation. It also stimulates the thinking of health scholars in search of the most vital concepts and analytical frameworks for understanding health and illness in society.

To know more about the history of RC15, go to Bulletin 33 (1983), pp. 9-12.

Board 2023-2027

President Nelson BARROS, University of Campinas, Brazil,
Vice-President Joana ALMEIDA, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Secretary/Treasurer Farah PURWANINGRUM, Kalta Bina Insani, Indonesia,
Newsletter Editors Susan BELL, Drexel University, United States,
Paula FEDER-BUBIS, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel,
Past President Miwako HOSODA, Seisa University, Japan
Board members at large Sigrun OLAFSDOTTIR, University of Iceland, Iceland
Alan PETERSEN, Monash University, Australia
Jae-Mahn SHIM, Korea University, Republic of Korea

Program Coordinators for V ISA Forum of Sociology 2025 are:
Jae-Mahn SHIM,


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Dues USD 60 (USD 20 discount) for a 4 year period.
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