Research Committees

Award for Social Science Disaster Theory

Established in 2002. Last edition: 2023.

The E. L. Quarantelli Award for Social Science Disaster Theory is given in recognition of notable and significant theoretical work by social and behavioral scientists in the disaster area. The intent in giving this award is to encourage the international development of theory relevant to disaster phenomena.

A committee of five disaster researchers appointed by the RC39 President considers nominations for the award. The RC39 President designates the committee chair. It can be given every two years and requires a lecture by the award winner at some professional meeting.

Recipients: Allen Barton (2002), Russell R. Dynes (2004), Thomas Drabek (2006), Gary Kreps (2008), Walter Gillis Peacock (2010), Michael Lindell (2014), Elaine Enarson (2018), Ray Burby (2023).