Thematic Groups

TG03 Human Rights and Global Justice

Established in 2006


Human rights encompass political, economic, social, group, cultural, democratic and environmental rights. The scope of human rights is  potentially very broad, including popular democracy, movements for social and economic justice, the advance of sustainable communities and societies, civil society, as well as formal international law dealing  with crimes against humanity and genocide.  The Thematic Group on Human Rights and Global Justice will explore a pluralist notion of the conceptualization and operationalization of human rights and welfare.

The field of human rights is expansive yet perhaps in its infancy. Sociologists have already made significant contributions to the human rights field, but we can do much more, and people all over the worldwill benefit from our research. The Thematic Group onHuman Rights and Global Justice will explore human rights and social justice in theoretical, empirical, and policy research, seeking to develop the field and improve human welfare.

Board 2014-2018

President Edward SIEH, Lasell College, USA,
Vice-President Maria ALCANTARA, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Secretary/Treasurer Mark FREZZO, University of Mississippi, USA,
Newsletter Editor Casey ALBITZ, Case Western Reserve University, USA,
NGO Representative Oluyemi FAYOMI, Covenant University, Nigeria

XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Program Coordinators: Mark FREZZO, and Edward SIEH,


2012 Jun. Dec.
2011 Dec.


Dues: USD 20 (USD 10 Discount) for a 4-year period.
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