5th ISA Forum of Sociology

ISA Guidelines for Program Coordinators and Session Organizers


I.  Role of Program Coordinator and Session Organizer

The Program Coordinator of each RC, WG, and TG is responsible for organizing a program of high-quality sessions. 

In cooperation with the Board of the group, the Program Coordinator must define session themes and, perhaps, an overall theme for the group’s program and choose competent Session Organizers who will ensure that the program achieves the academic quality expected at an ISA Forum of Sociology. 

All Program Coordinators must be ISA members in good standing. The ISA Secretariat will contact the program coordinator about any matters concerning the group’s program, and if necessary, the Program Coordinator will then inform the Session Organizers. 

After the issuing of the Call for Papers, the Program Coordinator will help Session Organizers to decide on acceptance of abstracts submitted on-line by conference participants. If needed, the Program Coordinator can transfer abstracts between various sessions of the group. 

The Program Coordinator is expected to keep close track of the progress made by each Session Organizer and decide on the final structure of the program. The Program Coordinator is also responsible for sessions’ schedule. 

The Session Organizer is responsible for all correspondence concerning the session and for submitting accurate details about the session. All changes/updates should be made via the online system. ISA does not require anyone to be a member in order to propose a session. However, the ISA does require a confirmed session organizer to be a member of the ISA and of the RC to which the session is accepted. 

It is very important that Program Coordinators and Session Organizers respect conference deadlines. No extension of deadlines is possible.