Research Committees

RC53 Sociology of Childhood

Established in 1998


The aim of RC53 is to contribute to the development of sociological and interdisciplinary childhood research, uniting professional knowledge, scientific rigour, and dedication of its members to work on childhood issues on the national, regional, and international levels.

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Board 2018 - 2022. Extended 2023

President Lucia RABELLO DE CASTRO, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Secretary/ Treasurer Bula BHADRA, Calcutta University, India,
Board Members Valeria LLOBET, CONICET / UNSAM, Argentina
Maria Raquel MACRI, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariam JOHN MEYNERT, Sweden
Ilknur ONER, Firat University, Turkey
Sharmla RAMA, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Sabina SCHUTTER, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Program Coordinators for XX ISA World Congress 2023 are:
Valeria LLOBET,


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Dues USD 50 (USD 20 discount) for a 4 year-period.
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