Working Groups


Approved, January, 1999

In accordance with the principles of the Statutes of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and with the decisions of meeting of participants and the XIV World Congress of ISA, these statutes were approved by members of the Working Group who were members in good standing of the International Sociological Association as of October, 1998.


The purposes of the Working Group, the Sociology of Local-Global Relations, are those expressed in Article Two of the Statutes of the ISA with specific reference to research and knowledge on the relationships among global, local, and regional groups, associations, and organizations, both governmental and non-governmental


Members of the Working Group are those who are members of the International Sociological Association and who request membership by communication to any of the officers of the Group and who have paid dues set by the Board of the group. Associated members are those who participate in any activity of the Group. They may join discussions about the group but shall not have voting rights on matters pertaining to the business of the ISA. The voting members of the Group shall meet at each World Congress at a Business Meeting and shall elect all officers and members of the board, determine the activities of the Group, and make all other decisions pertaining to the relationship of the Group to the ISA. The officers can call a Business Meeting at any time. A quorum for a business meeting shall be 10 members of the Group in good standing

Officers and Board

The members shall elect one President, one Vice-President, a Secretary-Treasurer and three members of the Board who have all competencies to act on behalf of the Group between Business Meetings. All officers and members of the Board shall constitute the Board with the President having a vote to break tie votes in the Board. The terms of office shall be four years and no officer may serve more than two terms. Upon vacancies, the succession shall be the Vice-President, and the Secretary-Treasurer and then the members of the Board in order of their seniority as members of the ISA. The President may fill any vacancy by appointment for the remainder of the term. The Secretary-Treasurer must give an accounting of any resources and liabilities of the Group at each Business Meeting. The President must make periodic reports to the ISA and members of the Group at appropriate times. The main means of communication will be the Internet but the officers take responsibility for members with limited access to it. The Business Meeting may establish additional Vice-Presidents for specific areas of research and activity. Those Vice-Presidents shall be given a specific term of office

Responsibilities of Members

In addition to paying dues, all members are responsible for the activities of the Group, including convening meetings, publications, contributions to the Newsletter (Web Page), and other undertakings of the Group.