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Junior Scholar Award for Excellence in Research

Established in 2022.

WG08 Junior Scholar Award for Excellence in Research will be awarded every four years at the ISA World Congress of Sociology to three junior scholars who advance knowledge on emotions in each of the official languages of ISA: English, French, Spanish.*

*The Committee shall have discretion to adjust the award based on the applications received. For example, in cases of more than one excellent candidate in one language, the reward may be split, or one applicant may receive honorary mention. Moreover, although the committee will strive to give one award for each official language, if the submissions do not meet the criteria, the committee may distribute the awards differently, for example awarding two applicants in one language category.

The award recipients will receive:

  1. US$200.
  2. Announcement of the Award in the program of the WG08 at the ISA World Congress and on the WG08 website. A summary of their work will be featured in the WG08 newsletter.
  3. An award certificate issued by WG08


Junior scholars are invited to apply. A ‘Junior scholar’ is defined as someone who has completed their master’s or PhD degrees within the last 5 years.

Application Procedure

To apply, candidates must submit:

  1. A brief bio and statement on how they advance knowledge on emotions (200 words).
  2. An article or chapter that has been published within the last 4 years in one of the official languages of ISA: English, French, or Spanish.

The application should be sent to by November 1, 2022. Results will be announced on March 15, 2023.

Award Selection Committee Structure and Process

Ideally, the Award Selection Committee will be comprised of nine members.

Committee members will be appointed by invitation, application, or recommendation of other members. The Committee especially welcomes members who have experience as reviewers or editors.

When possible, members from each continent will be selected to ensure diversity of regions.

Committee members will volunteer on a two-term (of four years each term) rotating basis. After eight years, the Committee will recruit new members.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation of applicants’ files by the Committee will consist of two steps:

Pre-selection: The Committee will first determine whether the applicants meet the criteria. Applicants will be contacted by November 21, 2022 to be told if their application will be reviewed.

Selection: Each application will be read by at least two two Committee members for each of the languages by mid-February 2023. The readers will be asked to recommend the best applicants by providing a brief justification on the originality of the work and its contribution to the field.

In the case of applications submitted by former students/collaborators of the Committee members, conflicts of interest must be disclosed, and the Committee member will be expected to recuse themselves from reading that file. The remaining Committee members can then request an external reviewer to read the file.

After reading and evaluating the applications, Committee members will be expected to participate in a virtual meeting (approximately 2 hours) on the first week of March 2023. Results will be announced to applicants on March 15, 2023.

Winners of the first edition of the Award (2022)

The Award Committee of the first WG08 Junior Scholar Award for Excellence in Research, formed by Marina Ariza (Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and Gada Mahrouse (Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University) is pleased to announce the results of the competition.

The Junior Scholar Award for Excellence in Research was launched by the International Sociological Association’s Society and Emotions working group (WG08) in 2022. Junior scholars who advance knowledge on emotions in each of the official languages of ISA: English, French, Spanish were invited to apply.

We received six submissions in total (three in English and three in Spanish). The submissions were reviewed and ranked by renowned experts in the field:

  • Spanish language reviewers: Eduardo Bericat Alastuey (Universidad de Sevilla), Natàlia Cantó Milà (Univeristat Oberta de Catalunya) and Alberto Martín Pérez (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • English language reviewers: Ian Burkitt (Emeritus Professor, University of Bradford), Kathryn Lively (Dartmouth College) and Jordan McKenzie (University of Wollongong)

Based on originality, research excellence, and contributions to the field, two winners were selected:

  • Spanish language: Mariana Ramos Ríos (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
  • English language: Ina Schaum (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Institute of Sociology)

As award recipients, they will receive:
- US$200
- An award certificate

On behalf of WG08, we offer our congratulations! We also sincerely thank the reviewers for their significant contributions to the process.