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WG08 Society and Emotions

Thematic Group 08 established in 2016. Upgraded to Working Group 08 in 2020.


The sociology of emotions constitutes a vibrant research field within the broader discipline of sociology. It draws upon 40 years of history of inquiry into emotions in social contexts. It has made important contributions to sociological theorizing and historical sociology as well as the sociology of organizations, professions, technology, social movements and power, as well as numerous other sociological fields.

The Working Group 08 on Society and Emotions will allow to pool together hitherto scattered knowledge in this field of research. While learning from national and continental diversities, it aims to accelerate the development. Apart from sociologists, any interested researchers coming from work organizations, management, social work, economics, medicine, law, cultural studies, history, philosophy, social movement activism or any other field of activity in which emotions possess high relevance are welcome to join.

The Working Work Group on Society and Emotions would pursue the following aims: (i) to encourage the worldwide exchange of research findings, methodological advances and theoretical developments relevant to the sociology of emotions; (ii) to promote international meetings and research collaboration by scholars and practitioners interested in the sociology of emotions; (iii) to develop international contacts among sociologists,  professionals and social  activists interested in the sociology of emotions; and (iv) to support shared publication efforts.

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WG08 website

Board 2018 - 2022. Extended 2023

President Helena FLAM, University of Leipzig, Germany,
Vice-Presidents Jack BARBALET, Australian Catholic University, Australia
Gada MAHROUSE, Concordia University, Canada
Adrian SCRIBANO, CONICET, Argentina
Secretary/Treasurer Xiaoying QI, Australian Catholic University, Australia,
Webpage Alice POMA, UNAM, Mexico
Tommaso GRAVANTE, UNAM, Mexico
Newsletter Mariana NOBILE, FLACSO, Argentina,

Program Coordinators for XX ISA World Congress 2023 are:
Helena FLAM,
Mariana NOBILE,


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Dues USD 10 for a 4-year period.
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