Working Groups

WG06 Institutional Ethnography

Thematic Group 06 established in 2011. Upgraded to Working Group 06 in 2020.


To develop international contacts among sociologists and social activists interested in institutional ethnography as a mode of inquiry; to encourage the worldwide exchange of research findings, methodological advances and theoretical developments relevant to institutional ethnography; to promote international meetings and research collaboration by scholars and social activists using institutional ethnography.

Board 2017-2020

President Liza MCCOY, University of Calgary, Canada,
Vice-President Eric MYKHALOVSKIY, York University, Canada,
Secretary-Treasurer Suzanne VAUGHAN, Arizona State University, USA,
Board Members

Lois ANDRE-BECHELY, California State University Los Angeles, USA
Laura FERRENO, University of Avellaneda, Argentina
Kjeld HOGSBRO, Aalborg University, Denmark
Debra TALBOT, University of Sydney, Australia
Frank T. Y. WANG, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Program Coordinator for IV ISA Forum 2020 is:
Rebecca LUND,


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