Working Groups


Amended 1987, revised July 2010.

Article I. Purpose

  1. The Working Group 05 of the ISA titled “Famine & Society” has been a Working Group for more than 12 years with a significant participation of academic scholars from both the northern and southern hemispheres. The key aims of the Working Group (05), in terms of research, debate and publications, are captured in the acronym “Famine” which stands for:
  2. Food insecurity as a consequence of severely diminished purchasing power of sizeable segments of society(Famine being the ultimate manifestation of food insecurity);
  3. Alienation on account of discrimination based on Caste, Color or Creed;
  4. Marginalization on account of severely diminishing real incomes;
  5. Inequality based on dysfunctional social systems;
  6. Negative impact of natural calamities & man-made disasters on vulnerable groups including economic shocks caused by market volatility;
  7. Exclusion from mainstream society based on social and/or economic parameters resulting in social conflict, unrest and violence.

These aims finalised by the Board at its Congress Meeting on 15th July, 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden were published as an appendix to the proceedings of the Congress meeting. Members of Famine and Society, by convention are signatories of the Statement of Purpose.

  1. The scope of activities of the Group were widened during the Congresses of 2002 (Brisbane, Australia), 2006 (Durban, South Africa) & 2010 (Gothenburg, Sweden) and a Mid-term Conference in June 2008 in Poland to include the study of poverty and marginalization in Globalized World. It was agreed that rather than examining a static concept of poverty it was necessary to perceive it in association with an active process of marginalization impoverishment and destitution.

Article II. Activities

To fulfill its aims, the Working Group organizes International Conferences, Seminars, promotes Research Work, publishes Newsletter and proceedings.

Article III. Membership

Membership is open to all Members of national and international Societies in the Social Sciences. A nominal fee of $10 is applicable.

Article IV. Officers

Officers :These include a President, Vice President and an Executive Board.

Article V. Elections

Officers are elected during the Congress and Inter-Congress Meetings.